What now for Queensland businesses?

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Now that the Queensland Government has taken another step to open the state for trading, what does that mean for businesses.

First of all here’s what you need to know:

On 31st May the Queensland Government released its COVID Safe Framework which outlines what businesses need to have in place to operate at this current stage.

Here is their framework:

All businesses must have their Work Health and Safety (WHS) Plan in place including strategies to manage COVID-19 to protect both staff and customers. This includes considering social distancing requirements – one person per four square meters, and 1.5m social distancing requirements. The WHS Plan is an existing internal plan which does not need to be submitted for approval and should be made available if requested.

High risk businesses, such as cafes, restaurants, and beauty therapies, need to complete a COVID Safe Checklist, regardless of the number of customers.

Other businesses who are opening for the maximum number of customers outlined by the roadmap, do not need to prepare anything further, just your WHS Plan.

If you want to have more than 20 customers from Stage Two of the roadmap (maximum 50), you need to follow the approved Industry Sector Plan – for the tourism and events industry, this is being developed by the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC). The draft plan is available here.

No matter what kind of business you run, the flow on effect should now start to get the economy moving.

Obviously if you operate a business that has been directly affected by the shutdown, such as gyms, holiday accommodation, tourism operations, restaurants, bars and cafes, this will be a welcome change.

For example, the latest projections indicate that the tourism industry in Queensland can expect a $1billion per month shot in the arm with all intrastate travel now opened.

But what if you if your business is not seeing a direct increase in revenue?

Perhaps your business has been able to operate in some reduced capacity, but only just staying afloat. What if you have been surviving with reduced staff and just holding on with job keeper and other stimulus packages offered by the Federal Government?

Your business may not be directly affected by the loosening of restrictions, but the flow on effect of cash into the economy is something you need to tap into as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether you are directly affected or not, here are five key points to getting back on track.

  1. Communication. Talk to every customer who comes in about your post restrictions plans and get the talk happening. Be upbeat.
  2. Website updates – Many people are checking business websites to find out opening hours, services offered, specials and much more. Make sure your website is up to date.
  3. Facebook updates. Same reason as above.
  4. Email – If you have an email data base, send emails to your customers to let them that you are there for them and ready to serve.
  5. Signage – Use blackboard signs, window signs, banners, posters etc to make sure that everyone passing by your business knows that you open and keen to invite them in.

I know what you are probably thinking. How I can afford to promote my business when I can barely stay afloat?  That’s why all the above suggestions are low cost options.

But if you want help with managing cash flow while you start these promotions, give us a call. We can help map out a budget to make sure that you are only spending what you can afford, as you get your business back on top.